Guardian are the washroom experts, not only are we knowledgeable and professional but we have over 30 years experience with design, flatpack supply and installations of toilet and shower partitions in commercial and industrial applications.

Our combined experience, knowledge and professionalism sets us apart from the rest. We offer a premium range of systems that combine aesthetics, quality and design flexibility with excellent functionality and longevity.

Our washroom systems are designed to maximise privacy and security and minimise maintenance requirements in high traffic or harsh environments. Each product includes the option of rebated doors for privacy and standard or premium hardware.

Choose from our range of fully customisable systems, available in a multitude  of materials and colour selections to suit your design aesthetics and project requirements.

Our partition systems are ideally suited to the following applications:

  • Education
  • Health and Aged Care
  • End of Trip Facilities
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Industrial
  • Airports
  • Hospitality
  • Caravan Parks
  • Retails
  • Correctional Facilities and,
  • Offices

Key Features

Ideal Applications

Technical Specifications

Material Multipurpose Compact Laminate Structural Particleboard Nuvex Saniboard CFC
Thickness(mm) 13 18 19 18
Finish Compact Laminate is a high pressure decorative laminate based on thermosetting resins homogenously reinforced with cellulose fibres, which provides good resistance to moisture, general wear and tear and vandalism. Structural Laminate is a
moisture resistant decorative melamine particleboard, suited to low impact area’s and is cost effective in use for toilet partitions.
Saniboard is a water resistant, quality polymer thermoplastic washroom solution that is both ecological and economical
without compromising on quality or performance.
CFC is a water resistant and durable compressed fibre cement sheet and can be painted on site or pre-finished in a 2 pack paint system.
Edging Polished Black Edge 2mm ABS Edging Polished Matching Edges Painted Edge
Privacy Features Rebated doors with polished  black edges. N/A Rebated doors with polished edge N/A
Door Hardware Full range of quality toilet and shower partitions hardware from Metlam. For more information click here.


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