Specialty Fabrication

Guardian Building Products have developed specialised facilities for the fabrication and complete customisation of an extensive range of building products. These services provide customers with significant advantages in design opportunities, a reduction of total on-site resource commitment and environmental concerns, including silica dust management.

Prefabricated, prefinished and delivered ready for installation, Guardian’s specialised services allow a more streamlined and simple approach to construction products.

Guardian has unique capabilities to meet customer requirements and to deliver on the most expensive projects within Australasia.


Unique Building Products, Prefabricated and Prefinished


Waterjet Achieves the perfect curves, lettering, replication, or other diversified requirement. Customised designs from CAD drawings.
CNC Complex or simple patterns produced quickly and accurately including perforation and slotting of panels and fabrication of Equipment Fabrication of a variety of substrates.
Wet Saws Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly cutting of material panels.
Punch Machine Production of Guardvent Eave Soffits.
Nip Rollers Produces lead lined panels, cores and doors
Laminator Uniform glue coverage for sheet faces with large surface areas.


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